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Launched on the 1st of July 2013 and based in Centurion, South-Africa. Our innovative fully integrated approach brings our full complement of skills coupled with an exceptional consulting service to bear on any given challenge. A business environment where people want to be.

Policy Statement

  • Work hand-in-hand with the public & private sector on all projects in a totally transparent manner.
  • Provide total commitment to serve communities in the quest for upliftment & empowerment.
  • Support the governments Affirmative Action policy & service delivery.
  • Provide full support & comprehensive in-house training for previously disadvantaged individuals & employees.
  • Network with other emerging firms with a view to empower each other.
  • Provide assistance & training to emerging entrepreneurs in order to stimulate economic activity & growth in the respective business sector.
  • Provide educational bursaries for previously disadvantaged indviduals in employment with the progress of the financial status of the firm.
  • Network intensely with local and district municipalities with an aim of identifying their needs & opportunities.

Mission Statement

To offer professional expertise & quality service that responds to the need of the current & future requirements of the built environment industry & other sectors, with pro-active & innovative solutions, supporting the priciple of responsible & sustainable development, thereby benefiting the client and the community.


To be the preferred organization & service provider withing the republic & private sectors throughout South-Africa & the african continent.

Strategic Aims & Objectives

  • To deliver our services with key business partners who are willing to accept the demographic changes of the country & understand the needs of the public & private sector
  • To demonstrate that the spirit of Ubuntu is real & effective in leading to a better life for all.
  • To provide affordable world-class solutions to meet the challenges of the robust development in the built environment industry.
  • To secure an enduring sustainable future and embrace diversity.
  • To effectively, efficiently & constructively manage projects.

Core Values

Mutual Trust and Respect

Openess, sharing information, developing leadership at all levels, fair employment practice.

Client Focus

Innovation and research, developing product knowledge & service, training and development, effective & efficient solutions, developing business partnerships.

Black Economic Empowerment

Passion, energy, enthusiasm, continuous learning and development, innovative solutions to existing challenges, encouraging entrepreneurship, integrated & structured teams, multi-tasking & skills development.

Social Responsibility

Labour intensive construction methods, skills transfer.

Recognition & Reward

Personal development, recognizing individuals who 'contribute beyond expectations', knowledge transfer.

Corporate Policy & Principles

  • The organization was built on sound professional, business, ethical & managerial principles that acknowledge equal opportunities in the workplace. We remain true to our founding values of integrity in all our projects & are pro-active in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals.
  • Maintaining the ability to provide immediate response to client needs is an essential part of the service & we are inspired by the impossible & transcend client excpectations, & as such, we firmly believe in delivering timeously & within budget.
  • It is our policy to always address the needs of the clients in consideration of the long term needs of all stakeholders, i.e. clients, employeesm sub-consultants & other service providers by incorporating the core values of client satisfaction, transparency, integrity, fairness, accountability, professionalism & innovation.

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