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Chaithoo is working in tandem with government, public and private enterprises to ensure safe, transparent & efficient infrastructure development & management projects for the benefit of all.


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Botswana Green Housing Solution - Transaction Advisory

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With Botswana's vast expanses of semi-arid flat countryside & many long clear days of sunshine, an intelligent solar power solution makes sense.

Starting in it's capital city of Gaborone and looking to expand across the country, the Green Housing Solutions Proposal looks to tap into one of Botswana's most important & under utilized energy resources - sunlight. By utilizing roof space with high tech Sunpower® solar panels designed for durability, efficiency & performance, clean green renewable energy has never been a more obvious choice.

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Ekurhuleni Gravel Roads Upgrading - Project Management

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The Ekurhuleni Gravel Roads project brought benefit to many local communities in the district.

Roads were upgraded in areas such as Etwana, Leachville, Daveyton, Watville, the Chief Luthuli & Tsakane Townships & Tamboville providing key infrastructure, jobs & greater mobility to the door steps of many local residents. Working as the Project Managers appionted by the Makgaleng Projects Consortium, Chaithoo successfully completed this project in cooperation with the project owners & appointed contractors MBK Construction Pty (Ltd).

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Akasia Social Housing Project - Project Management

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The proposed Akasia Place Social Housing development is a Greenfield development within a Restructuring Zone in City of Tshwane: Akasia (Government Gazette, 2 Dec 2001). The development consists of 400 residential units, of which 120 units are bachelor units (30,02m²) aimed at the primary market, and 280 units are two-bedroom units (40,56m²) aimed at the secondary market. The units are accommodated in two and three storey walk-up buildings. The units are laid out on the site in such a way that there is sufficient green space and children’s play areas and parking for the residents. Play equipment (jungle gym), braai area, security system, washing lines, drying areas and post boxes will be supplied.The site is secured by a boundary wall and gated access.

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd were appointed as Project Managers for a period of 18 months.

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Restoration and Upgrade of Caledonian Stadium - Community Parcipitation Consultant

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City of Tshwane (CoT) had identified the need for the refurbishment of Caledonian Stadium. The purpose of this assignment was to provide community participation consultancy services and engagement of all the relevant stakeholders for a clear and concise understanding and implementation of the abovementioned infrastructure project and plan it effectively to enable the City of Tshwane to combine and integrate various integrated activities to realise this project.

Caledonian Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Pretoria within the City of Tshwane, Gauteng, South Africa. It is currently used mostly for football matches, and is the home venue of Arcadia Shepherds FC in the Vodacom League. The site is deemed a heritage site by the heritage council. The site was previously earmarked for a urban park development which was unsuccessful due to the development proposal not conforming to the heritage council recommendations.

The objective of the consultancy was to develop and implement a community participation and facilitation plan in order to ensure successful implementation of the Restoration and Upgrade of Caledonian Stadium.

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Gilooly's Farm Floodline Analysis & Reporting - Civil Engineering

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Gillooly’s Farm Refurbishment Project

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd was appointed by IDS to perform a floodline investigation & detailed survey in order to design & produce accurate floodline delineations.

The site is located at Gilooly's farm & surrounding areas in Gauteng.


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Professional Affiliations

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Engineering Council of South-Africa

Dinesh Chaithoo is a certified Professional Engineering Technologist with the Engineering Council of South-Africa.

The Ethics Institute

Dinesh Chaithoo is a certified green level supporter of The ethics Institute & has committed to the pledge.
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IAIA South-Africa

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd is a proud member of the International Association for Impact Assessment South-Africa.

The Business Ethics Network of Africa

Dinesh Chaithoo is a certified member of BEN-Africa committed to do business with moral integrity.
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Saiosh - Corporate Member

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd is a corporate member of the South-African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

SAIEG - Member

The South African Institute for Engineering & Environmental Geologists is a national voluntary group which represents natural scientists practicing in the field of engineering & environmental geology
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Green Building Council

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd is a corporate member of the Green Building Coucil of South-Africa.

Payments Association of South-Africa

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd is a registered Third Party Payment Provider with PASA - the payment system management body recognised by the South African Reserve Bank.
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COMENSA - Coaching Company

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd is a registered coaching company with the SAQA-recognised body for Coaching & Mentoring in South-Africa.

ISO 9001 Certification - Coming Soon

Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification & conformity within the scope of the standard.
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